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ZigBee technology

ZigBee Funktechnologie

ZigBee by ubisys — Innovative wireless technology which sets new standards

The smart home product line utilises the low-power wireless network standard IEEE 802.15.4 operating within the licence free 2.4 GHz frequency band together with the innovative and mature mesh networking stack with well-conceived and powerful application profile according to the ZigBee 3.0 standard. This results in following advantages for ubisys customers:

  • Long time protection of your investments — generally „second source”
  • Innovative, secure and resilient wireless network technology
  • Sophisticated, flexible and well conceived application profiles
  • Remarkably low transmitting power and short transmission duration
  • Open specifications that ensure verifiable security standards

The ZigBee Alliance is a cooperation of many renowned companies manufacturing compatible devices based on a common standard for various applications, amongst them home and building automation. IEEE 802.15.4 as well as ZigBee are genuine international standards and completely open platforms. Essential for this categorization is an open source of specifications and the existance of several suppliers for all elements of the platform — from antenna to application. This guarantees various manufacturers of radio chips, network and application protocols to be combined with each other.

As producer of IEEE 802.15.4 MAC and ZigBee Stacks as well as end devices such as dimmers, switching actuators, sensors and gateways as well as apps for iOS and Android, ubisys covers all essential components. Our customer's advantage being: All parts of the solution coming from a single source are perfectly tuned to each other, yet following international standards.

A lot of existing alliances and organizations do not fulfill these criteria, there usually being only one supplier of the basis technology and a multitude of equipment manufacturers, all utilising the same modules of the singule technology supplier. Specifications are mostly not made fully available, if at all — with all known disadvantages of „single source” supply chains.

ZigBee Mesh Network

Our ubisys smart home components form a mesh-like wireless network. Components not within radio distance to each other can reach out to intermediary components and use them as routers to transmit the specific data packets to their destination. All components permanently connected to the main power supply have the integrated router function constantly activated. This allows you — using very low powered data transmissions — to cover large objects.

ZigBee Mesh Network

Routes through the wireless ad-hoc network are determined ad hoc, thus ensuring the network not breaking down if a router fails, for an alternative route is easily found: The mesh network is capable of „healing” itself. The more components installed the tighter and more reliable the network gets.

Be prepared for the future smart grid today

The intelligent mains power supply, the so called „Smart Grid”, will be one of the main prerequisites to ensure the transition to a sustainable, decentralised and CO neutral energy production for consumers and industry. Using ubisys smart home products you will be well on your way, for ZigBee already is part of the conception and development in this sector and has been selected as base technology for the standardization.