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Consumption metering

Verbrauchsmessung mit ubisys Smart Home Komponenten

Consumption metering and energy efficiency

With ubisys smart home you have the possibility to tap into extensive savings potentials whilst at the same time helping to preserve ressources. Our components, for example the universal dimmer D1, not only provides feel good ambient light but also helps save energy and reduce CO2 emissions. Reduce stand-by consumption of your devices with our power switches S1 and S2 and use our motion sensors to prevent unnecessary light from burning in empty rooms.

Another important feature for monitoring costs is the power consumption metering. All ubisys building automation components have a built in power consumption metering feature, even able to measure the consumption of individual devices. The data will be shown on the touch display or on your App for smartphones or tablets. This allows you to keep an eye on energy costs and actively step in any time to save costs. We then convert all electical parameters into a customer relevant number: Cost in Euro.

Other functions:

  • Consumption data displayed as a graph
  • Comparing consumption data
  • Compiling statistics


  • Active power [W]
  • Apparent power [VA]
  • Reactive power [VAr]
  • Power factor
  • Effective voltage value [V]
  • Effective current value [A]
  • Momentary value of voltage over time [V]
  • Momentary value of current over time [A]

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