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ubisys 7” wall display

Manage your property with just one
finger — very comfortably from your wall display
with touchscreen.

With the wall display by ubisys you have
all functions of your home at a glance.

7” Wall display with touchscreen

With smart home by ubisys you will be able to manage your house, appartment or commercially used property centrally from our 7” wall display with touchscreen. The display will give you all house features at a glance. The interface was designed to be used inuitively. The design leaves nothing to chance — it was designed with up to date touch handling in mind. Menu navigation, controlling elements, typefaces and colors make for simple and comfortable handling.

Most important features:

  • All components und functions at a glance
  • Simultaneously controlling and monitoring multiple elements
  • Displays consumption data and statistics
  • Set up and deployment of individual scenarios

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