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ZigBee Smart Bulbs

ZigBee lamps in the ubisys smart home solution

ZigBee Smart Bulbs in your ubisys smart home network

The major manufacturers of lamps and bulbs already have models with pre-integrated ZigBee connectivity in their product line or at least have announced matching devices, e.g. OSRAM, Philips, General Electric and Samsung. You can operate these lamps in your ubisys smart home ZigBee network. They can be turned on/off, dimmed, colour-adjusted, integrated into groups and scenes or e.g. bound to a wall switch.

If you bind a wall switch to the lamp via a dimmer or the control unit C4, you can use this switch to dim and switch the lamp. And if you turn off the lamp, it still keeps on working as a ZigBee router in your network and contributes to an ideal radio coverage — even if the light is turned off. As the lamp still is part of the network it can be turned on again via app or time control.

Coloured light control in the ubisys Smart Home App

Switch, dim and set up the colour with the ubisys Smart Home App

What are the restrictions?

Some lamps (e.g. Philips hue) do not support automatic reports, the so called „ZigBee Reporting” so far. But in the smart home app the current state can actively be requested by dragging down the room view to refresh the list. Then, the switch state, brightness level and colour is requested and displayed in the app. It is to be expected that this useful function will be provided in future firmware versions.

Unfortunately, not all manufacturers provide ZigBee Over-the-Air (OTA) upgrade images, which then automatically would be integrated into your smart home system by our Gateway, just like the ubisys devices. To install new firmware, the lamps of these manufacturers have to be connected with their own gateways (e.g. the hue bridge for Philips products). After the successful update, the lamps then can be re-integrated into your smart home network.

If you want to know, whether the bridge of a third-party manufacturer can join an existing ZigBee network, it is best to contact the manufacturer. In case this is not possible, the functions of the bridge and the apps that are relying on them are not available.

Compatibility matrix

We have tested some models in combination with our gateway G1 and our smart home apps for iOS and Android. It is possible that newer firmware versions with extended functionality have been released in the meantime (Date: May 2017).

Groups  Scenes  Reporting  Updates 
OSRAM LIGHTIFY Classic A60 tunable white ? ? ? ?
OSRAM LIGHTIFY PAR16 50 tunable white
OSRAM LIGHTIFY Downlight tunable white ? ? ? ?
OSRAM LIGHTIFY Surface light tunable white ? ? ? ?
OSRAM LIGHTIFY Circle ? ? ? ?
OSRAM LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Mini white ? ? ? ?
Philips hue Connected Bulb A19 (E27)
Philips hue lux (E27)
Philips hue 7W BR30 Connected Downlight
Philips hue GU-10
Philips Friends of hue LivingColors Bloom ? ? ?
Philips Friends of hue LivingColors Iris ? ? ?
Philips Friends of hue LightStrips

◆ supported   yes, but only via own bridge   ◇ not supported   ? to be tested yet

How can these lamps be integrated?

If you buy single lamps, then you just have to open the ubisys ZigBee network for new devices and connect the lamp to a power source. The lamp will then join your ZigBee network and you can assign it to a room as usual and, like any other device, integrate it into groups and scenes or bind it to a switch.

Lamps from a starter kit usually have to be restored to default settings first, because they are connected to the set's bridge. You can either use a remote controller or our USB Stick U1 with our Network Manager software. In the Network Manager, under Maintenance, section ZigBee Touchlink, you will find the command „Restore to default settings”. Please note that the distance between USB Stick and lamp should be within 10-50 cm.

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