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RFID USB Stick (OEM-version)

ubisys 13.56 MHz RFID USB Stick, OEM-version, for external antennas
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€ 95.-
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13.56 MHz RFID USB Stick in the OEM-version

Innovative and reliable reader in the OEM version — optionally with an integrated antenna or with a sturdy 50Ω SMA-connector for connecting an external antenna. Offers the same functions as the serial product from ubisys.

Matching PCB-antennas in common sizes can be obtained directly from ubisys as well as all manufacturers supporting the de facto industrial standard for 13.56 MHz RFID antennas. Additionally we offer customized antennas according to your specific requirements, ensuring optimal shape and size fitting your overall solution perfectly.

Other OEM solutions available up on request: From ordinary modules with interfaces such as RS-232, RS-485, SPI or I²C, all the way to a “design-in”- service for manufacturing serial products in high quantities.

Like all ubisys RFID readers this product is particularely suitable for your own innovative solutions within the “Cloud”, opening up completely new possibilities for you.

Detailed information


  • ISO 14443
  • ISO 15693


  • USB 2.0 full-speed
  • bus-powered
  • 90mA (30mA stand-by)




  • SMA-connector for external antennas
  • integrated antenna
dimension drawing


Product information

PDF Data sheet


PDF Manual

Additional Downloads

Summary of operating modes

Select one of the three operating modes best suited for your purposes. This can be configured anytime through a firmware update.

Smart card
Cloud: Web applications (› Infos...)
Cloud: Desktop virtualisation (› Infos...)
ISO 14443A
ISO 14443B
ISO 15693
ISO 18000-3
UID capturing
Memory read/write ◆/◆ ◆/◇ ◆/◆
Bulk inventory scan (“anti-collision”)
Link quality indication (RSSI)
All commands available (“transparent link”)
Crypto & processor cards (e.g. DESFire, SmartMX)
Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Server 2003 (R2), 2008 (R2), 2012 (R2) — 32- & 64-bit
Apple MacOS X 10.6.7 — 64-bit
Linux — 32- & 64-bit
iOS — requires iPad with Camera Connection Kit
Android — requires USB Host/OTG

◆ supported   available on request (custom development)   ◇ not supported

Order codes

Please be sure to state the item number when placing your order.

Order code Antenna Operating mode*) Product number
7009 integrated CDC/ACM U0201-010020-01
7016 integrated HID U0201-010020-02
7023 integrated CCID U0201-010020-03
7122 external (SMA) CDC/ACM U0201-020020-01
7139 external (SMA) HID U0201-020020-02
7146 external (SMA) CCID U0201-020020-03

*) The reading device will be delivered with this operating mode but can be reconfigured anytime by updating the firmware.


Bulk prices
1-9 items: € 95.00*
10-24 items: € 85.00*
25-49 items: € 77.50*

Larger orders
Prices for larger quantities available on request


* All prices excl. VAT, plus postage and packing

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