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SMA connector (pin/pin)
Price per unit:
€ 6.-
excl. VAT

HF-adapter (coupling connector)

With this 50 Ω SMA-adapter you can connect your ubisys RFID Sticks with connector for external antennas directly to the matching antennas. Conventional design according to industry standards: On each side a socket with inner thread (swivel nut) and a pin.

Note: Our range also includes products with an integrated antenna which has been designed for common applications. When using these devices no separate antenna or this coupling connector is required.

Detailed information

Type of adapter

  • SMA-plug (pin) to SMA-plug (pin)


  • 50 Ω

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Bulk prices
1-9 items: € 6.00*
10-24 items: € 5.00*
25-49 items: € 4.00*

Larger orders
Prices for larger quantities available on request.


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