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RFID in the “Cloud”

Ubisys has been taking account of the lasting trend throughout various corporate divisions towards “cloud computing”, with its extraordinary firmware philosophy. Using either of the two operating modes “USB Keyboard” and “USB Smart Card Reader” opens up limitless possibilities.

Web based “Cloud”-applications: operated as USB keyboard

Especially for web based applications the “HID Keyboard” operating mode is ideally suited.The only prerequisite to integrating RFID in your cloud-application being an internet enabled device with a free USB port.No driver installation, no software installation, no setting-up and no maintenance efforts required. This solution will even run in an internet café, though the communication is only possible one-way from reading device to the application.

In addition to capturing unique serial numbers and reading out memory contents of of transponders (UID), enough to cover 90% of all applications, you also have write access to the transponder if wanting to change an enumerator for instance. If required, various kinds and levels of security can be integrated. Highest security can be attained by using authenticating cryptography cards with 3DES or AES encryption, certificates and digital signatures, e.g. based on elliptical curves (ECDSA). For applications requiring mid-level security, solely against “Replay”-attacks for instance, we offer simple and affordable solutions — just contact our support team!

Desktop virtualization : operated as USB Smart Card Reader

Are you using virtualization solutions by Microsoft or Citrix? In this case you can access RFID transponders “remote” from your application servers through ubisys RFID reading devices attached to your Thin Clients. As ubisys readers can be run with original Microsoft drivers no further driver installation is neccessary —, neither on the servers nor on the clients end.

This allows accessing customer cards or payment systems centrally running “business logic” on their application servers using a cost effective Thin Client together with a ubisys RFID Reader located at the Point-of-Service. Your application has total access to memory and processor cards such as Tag-It or i-code respectively DESFire or SmartMX by NXP.

All this without any driver or software installation, avoiding setting-up and maintenance efforts. Using the standard PC/SC API transparent your application has full access to the “forwarded” RFID Readers and Smart Cards or just simple transponders in the field.

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