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Mobile Emergency Call System

Protegon SOS Service

Reference Project Protegon GmbH

Highly innovative mobile emergency call system for smartphones.

As the exclusive technology partner of Protegon GmbH ubisys has from scratch developed a totally new, mobile emergency call system for smartphones with unique and remarkable features. Users of this modern emergency call service install an App on their mobile end devices such as iPhones, iPads or Android smartphones and tablets, register themselves in the web portal and are automatically linked to a permanently manned VdS-certified emergency and security control centre.

In close cooperation with the customer ubisys developed the Apps for iOS and Android up to market maturity then conceived and realized all required IT infrastructure.

In case of emergency the customer simply pushes a button which sets off an alarm in the security centre.The master data deposited by the customer beforehand with information regarding person, known chronic underlying medical conditions and allergies or intolerances are displayed together with a picture of the immediate surroundings and the automatically determined location of the user. Simultaneously the positioning via GPS, WLAN and cellular positioning is constantly updated and narrowed down as far as possible every few seconds — up to the duration of 60 minutes if so requested.

This solution was presented to Protegon turnkey ready, designed for every day use including the required infrastructure including servers for master data, alarms, reports, the web based customer portal with integrated billing system (“Billing”) and customer relation management (CRM), as well as the high performing yet easy to use operating software for the security personel in the security centre.

Screenshots of the Protegon cntrol station client application for the security centre
Client application Protegon Control Station™
Screenshots of the Protegon customer portal
Customer portal
Example of the tracking function by Protegon SOS App
Live tracking — continuous real time updating and narrowing down your location.