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Network Management

RFID-basiertes Patch Management System

Reference Project

RFID based Patch Management System to permanently supervise, control and monitor maintenance tasks, whilst also fullfilling the required documentation in complex data networks.

The newly developed system engineered in close coordination with the client allows around the clock supervising the topology of data and telecommunication networks. Main priority developing this system was flexibility and interoperateability enabling affordable and flexible upgrading of heterogeneous networks, yet being able to incorporate individual components from different manufacturers. This system lets the operator of the data and telecommunication networks obtain a constant overview, increases operating safety, reduces operating costs and enormously facilitates maintenance burdens.

The Panel Front-Ends can be attached to conventional hubs or switches allowing wireless communication between their integratetd HF antennas and the passive transponders in the plugs. LED displays ensure a quick orientation for every user. All Front-Ends are connected to their respective Front-End Controllers through a proprietary Front-End Bus which by utilising its ethernet port allows for managment with SNMP.

For this project ubisys had to devise, design, manufacture and implement the complete hardware, software and firmware, as well as a specially customized linux, various manufacturing and diagnostics tools, and ultimately the the actual bus communication protocol.

Future-Patch Panel Unit
Patch Panel Front-End
Future-Patch Rack Control Unit Front-End Controller
Future-Patch Panel Unit für Alcatel Lucent OmniSwitch
Tailor made custom solutions: PCU Alcatel Lucent OmniSwitch