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Smart Grid: Powerline Communications

Powerline Communications as Enabler for Smart Grid

Reference Project Renesas

Powerline modem development platform for Renesas Electronics Europe.

Since the onset of 2008 ubisysh has closely been working together with Renesas Electronics Europe in the field which now commonly has been named as “Smart Grid” und “Smart Metering” by the industry — proof of ubisys very early and deep engagement in this sector with great prospects for the future.

ubisys is a competent partner in realizing highly complex digital signal processing systems. We designed and produced a development platform for new transmission technologies via the low voltage distibution system for Renesas, one of the world leaders in producing semiconductors.Innovative is the “software-radio” approach, uilising the whole CENELEC A band (9 — 95 kHz) digitaly. On the digital side the R32C by Renesas as DSP, and partnering up a Xilinx Spartan-3E FPGA for future extensions. On the analogue side functional blocks such as active filters, amplifiers and the coupling to the electrical grid.

The entire system, meaning algorithms, circuit diagrams, layouts, firmware and the whole operating software for the PC was completely developed — from concept up to the functioning prototype — in-house. As proof of the platforms performance capabilities a OFDM based on the IEEE 802.11 standard was realized and demonstrated.

In follow up projects ubisys developed and simulated a reference implementation of the PRIME OFDM PHYs in C. Furthermore ubisys employees assisted in realizing a S-FSK modem on one of the first engineering samples of the Renesas RX Microcontroller. In addition to that ubisys did a critical revision of RUN-M network stack for M16C/6S, contributed to its maintenance and further development, revised application notes and assisted the porting of RUN-M on the new M16C/6S1 now sporting a higher data rate with preparation and guidance.

Renesas PLC Board Development Platform for CENELEC A Band - Made by ubisys
CENELEC A powerline modem development platform
Maintenance and Control Software for CENELEC A PLC platform - Made by ubisys
Operating software for your PC