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Smart Grid: Digital Signature

Digital Signature as enabler for Smart Grid

Reference Projekt EMH Metering

EMH metering (formerly EMH Elektrizitätszähler) builds on the CompactECC™ library by ubisys for their SyM2 and EDL meters.

As part of a custom solution ubisys extended their flexible C++ template library with an optimized version of the p192r1 curve used for the digital signature of meter readings through ECDSA according to the industry norm. The new CompactECC™ Plus fulfills all requirements ensued to billing and settlement data. Primary goal of the custom development was to reduce computing time for the signature so that the target hardware (ARM7TDMI) could sign two meter readings per second. We actually managed to beat the customer´s limit of not more than 150ms CPU time per signature. Also developed by ubisys, CompactSHA™ which is especially suited for embedded systems implementing the SHA-256 hash algorithm.

For price sensitive, high volume applications used with EDL household meters ubisys was able to port their CompactECC™ Plus library onto the 8-bit AVR processor platform.

As the decicion to chose ubisys products always is a choice of first rate support and service, actually integrating the libraries into the customer application framework went very smoothly. The certification of the meters by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in Braunschweig vouches for the high quality of all ubisys products and services.

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