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Waste bin identification system

Abfallbehälter mit RFID Transponder, Fahrzeug mit RFID Reader und Antenne

Reference projekt c-trace

Consulting for a 125kHz RFID reader system and development of a 13,56 MHz RFID antenna for a waste bin identification system.

C-trace, a company from Bielefeld has developed a RFID based system for documenting waste- bin-emptying for the department of Municipal Waste Management and City Cleaning to ensure proper billing.There is an on-board identification reader on the waste disposal vehicle identifying the bins and containers equipped with transponders and electronically assigned to the owner in a database, so that all emptyings can be assigned and accounted accurately.

Besides consultancy services for a 125kHz RFID reader system ubisys also developed a new 13,56 MHz RFID antenna.The design of the antenna having been particularly designed to meet the requirements of the c-trace antenna-head, ensuring optimum performance. The finished antennas are supplied by ubisys, and are tested and approved OEM compononents manufactured in a consistently high quality.

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