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IEEE 802.15.4 2.4GHz USB Stick for Wireshark

IEEE 802.15.4 Stick for Wireshark™

This is a diagnostics tool with extraordinary performance when it comes to analyzing wireless IEEE 802.15.4 networks in the 2,4GHz band. This standard tool can also to be used for analyzing protocols such as 6lowpan, ZigBee and ZigBee PRO, diagnosing problems in network installations, evaluating network protocols, etc....


CompactECC: Elliptic Curve Cryptography for Embedded Systems

CompactECC™: Elliptic Curve Cryptography

Being an asymmetric realization ECC ideally complements AES. This happens to be one of the most secure and high performing public-key methods available today. Users can benefit from the advantages without having to bother with the complex mathematics behind elliptical...
CompactAES: Advanced Encryption Standard for Embedded Systems

CompactAES™: Advanced Encryption Standard

CompactAES is an efficient C++ realisation of the symmetrical AES/Rijndael Block Cyphers utilising either 128, 192 or 256 Bit encryption levels, making it ideal for Embedded Systems. CompactAES only requires aproximately 1,5KB ROM on an ARM7TDMI running in Thumb Mode...
Compact15.4: IEEE 802.15.4 MAC

Compact15.4™: wireless networking with IEEE 802.15.4

Compact15.4 is a C++ library for 32-bit ARM controllers by ATMEL (e.g. SAM7 und SAM3) enabling wireless communication based on IEEE 802.15.4 MAC. Our Compact7B™ ZigBee Stack also uses it as a basis. Currently 2,4GHz PHYs CC2520 und CC2420 are supported...
Compact7B: ZigBee PRO Stack

Compact7B™: ubisys ZigBee PRO Stack

Compact7B is a C++ library for 32-bit ARM Controllers by Atmel (e.g. SAM3, SAM7 und SAM9) offering wireless communication based on ZigBee PRO. First rate ZigBee products and efficient applications can be...
CompactXML: XML for Embedded Systems

CompactXML™: XML for Embedded Systems

ubisys presents CompactXML, a C++ class library allowing you to import and also generate XML documents according to the Extensible Markup Language Recommendation 1.0 . At your disposal you have all interfaces, methods and attributes defined in the Document Object Model (DOM) Specification....
CompactStorage: Storage Solution for Embedded Systems

CompactStorage™: Storage für Embedded Systems

This C++ library offers you a dynamic memory management for Flash Memory.Define a memory pool from where, by an by areas of unlimited size can be requested. This way commands such as the common malloc() and free() functions for Flash memory are at your disposal. Here it makes no difference ...


JFP: JTAG Flash Programmer for Atmel SAM

JFP™: JTAG Flash Programmer

For MCUs with an ARM processor core we offer JFP™, a solution for the In-System-Programming (ISP). Currently ATMEL´s AT91SAM7-range is supported, additional MCU types are under development. Perfectly suited when programming firmware for prototypes, low and mid-volume series.


Platform7B: ZigBee PRO Platform

Platform7B™: ubisys ZigBee PRO platform

An Atmel controller with ARM7TDMI or Cortex-M3 core, Texas Instruments CC2520 2.4GHz RF-Transceiver and the Compact7B™ C++ ZigBee stack: Those are the components of ubisys „ZigBee Platform” which you can use as the foundation for your products...