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Platform7B™ ZigBee PRO platform

Wireless networking: ZigBee PRO platform

Platform7B: ZigBee PRO Platform

An Atmel controller with ARM7TDMI or Cortex-M3 core, Texas Instruments CC2520 2.4GHz RF-Transceiver and the Compact7B™ C++ ZigBee stack: Those are the components of ubisys „ZigBee Platform” which you can use as the foundation for your products.
Compared to the widespread ZigBee Stacks originally designed for constrained for 8-bit controllers with relatively limited RAM, products based on Platform7B™ deliver significantly higher performance, therefore being particularly suitable when performance, sustainability and high reliability have a clear priority over low power consumption.
Have you at least considered ZigBee IP based on 6lowpan being an option for the future? With this platform you can be certain to have sufficient performance reserves.

Certification Status:

  • All twelve ZigBee 3.0 Certified Products so far (October 2016) are based on this platform
  • Platform7B™ consists of
    • ubisys Compact7B™ ZigBee Stack
    • ubisys Compact15.4™ IEEE 802.15.4 MAC & PHY glue
    • Atmel AT91SAM7S512 ARM7TDMI, 512KB Flash, 64KB RAM
    • Texas Instruments CC2520 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4 radio
  • Platform7B™ is a ZigBee 2015 Certified Platform
    • Awarded Golden Unit designation for its ZigBee Core Stack
    • Awarded Golden Unit designation for its ZigBee Green Power feature
  • Compact15.4™ is a certified IEEE 802.15.4 MAC

Compact15.4: IEEE 802.15.4 System Architecture

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