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Message Digest #5 (MD5)

Cryptography solutions: Message Digest #5 (MD5)

CompactMD5: Message Digest #5 for Embedded Systems

This C++ implemantation makes the Message Digest 5 Algorithm for Embedded System applications possible. This allows you to generate 128 Bit long Hash Values to test files for integrity. Compared to CompactMD5 regular implementations require a multiple amount of ROM/RAM rendering them useless for MCUs with limited resources. On an ARM7TDMI our MD5 implementation only needs ca. 1,5KB ROM and about a hundert Byte RAM. For safety-critical applications, e.g. digital signatures we do not recommend the MD5 Algorithm, due to some security issues which could present an opportunity to potential attackers.In this case a version of the SHA-2 family is a better fit, for example SHA-256.

Note: Also compatible with iOS, Android and other mobile platforms.

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