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Compact15.4™ IEEE 802.15.4 stack

Wireless Networking: IEEE 802.15.4

Compact15.4: IEEE 802.15.4 Stack for Embedded Systems

Compact15.4™ is a C++ library for 32-bit and 64-bit controllers (e.g. Atmel AT91SAM7S and ATSAM4S) enabling wireless communication based on IEEE 802.15.4 MAC. Our Compact7B™ ZigBee Stack also uses it as a basis. Currently, the 2.4GHz PHY CC2520 by Texas Instruments is supported. It requires the ubisys CompactFramework™ bare-metal OS.

Compared to the widespread IEEE 802.15.4 Stacks for 8-bit controllers with relatively limited RAM, products based on Compact15.4™ deliver significantly higher performance.

The ubisys Compact15.4&trade MAC includes specific extensions and optimizations for bidirectional ZigBee Green Power communications.

Another rare feature when implementing IEEE 802.15.4 MAC is the possibility of supporting multiple PHYs simultaneously, for example making IEEE 802.15.4 868MHz/2.4GHz Bridge Devices possible.


  • Compact15.4™ is a certified IEEE 802.15.4 MAC
  • Embedded C++ library
  • Provides radio hardware abstraction
  • Supports varying levels of hardware acceleration
  • ubisys extensions for bidirectional Green Power (GP) support
  • Depending on the target platform
    • either a full MAC implementation, or
    • a wrapper glue for an existing customer MAC implementation

Compact15.4: IEEE 802.15.4 System Architecture

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